Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Happy New Year!

Feliz año nuevo

Celebrate the New Year the way they do in Spain … with grapes! Each family member will need 12 grapes; one for each month of the New Year. On the stroke of midnight, or perhaps a more sociable hour for our little chefs, eat the 12 grapes to bring good luck for the upcoming 12 months.

Happy 2016!

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas Present

We all know Santa eats cookies… but what does Santa drink at your house?

Tradition dictates a glass of thick, creamy milk. However, we think we may have found something a bit more exciting for Santa this year. Take a look at this recipe for cereal milkTM from milk bar. If you click on our link, it will take you to a list of recipes on milk bar’s website. Scroll down to the subheading that says more recipes. Underneath more recipes, in pink writing, you will see cereal milkTM. Click on cereal milkTM and the recipe will pop right on up for you. We think your little chef can manage this recipe with just a little bit of help from you.

Go on. Give Santa a surprise this Christmas!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Past

Before we lurch into Christmas present, browse through some of our posts from last Christmas.

Make some Santa Hat Icy Pops for your little chef or let your little chef loose in the kitchen with our Christmas Trail recipe. Even the littlest of chefs will manage this recipe. What a great gift for grandparents!

Does fruit feature in your little chef’s Christmas stocking? Fruit used to be a common stocking filler. Is it time for oranges in the Christmas stocking to make a comeback? Speaking of fruit, Christmas is the perfect time to some stargazing with your little chef. Find the stars hiding in these fruit…

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Broad Bean Beds

Where, oh where is a sleepy fairy to lay her weary head?

Broad beans really can be lots of fun! If you have a fairy-mad little chef, while you are podding the broad beans, explore the idea of using the pods as fairy beds. We think their soft, pillowy interior would appeal to a fairy. What does your little chef think? As for where fairies live, apparently, they like to make their homes in beds of thyme.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Has your little chef tried a yacon?

Fabulously crunchy, sweet and juicy, yacon should appeal to most little chefs, although they will, very likely, be surprised by its fruity flavour, given it looks remarkably like a potato or kumara (sweet potato) at first glance.

FUN FACT: Another name for yacon is Peruvian ground apple. What does this tell you about yacon, little chefs?

Thirsty travellers used to eat wild yacon to quench their thirst. In fact, the word yacon means “water root”. Pretend you’re on a journey, little chefs, and when it’s time to take a break, sit under the shade of a welcoming tree (imaginary or otherwise) and eat your yacon like early travellers did, raw as a snack!

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Eat like the Easter Bunny!

Eat Your Greens!

Here’s an interesting fact for your little chef. Rabbits eat fresh, dark, leafy greens EVERY DAY! Why not encourage your little chef to eat a green salad this Easter, just like the Easter Bunny.

Green Salad

Our top tips:
Little chefs are very good at washing salad greens. They also enjoy picking leaves off fresh herbs.

2 large handfuls salad greens (The Easter Bunny particularly likes baby spinach, watercress, and dark-leafed lettuce)
¼ cup fresh herbs (The Easter Bunny likes most herbs, but flat leaf parsley, basil, dill, mint, and coriander (cilantro) are particular favourites)


   Choose a mixture of salad greens and fresh herbs.
   Carefully wash and dry the leaves. 
   Transfer to a salad bowl.
Fruit – What a Treat!

On special occasions, as a very great treat, rabbits are allowed … FRUIT! Celebrate Easter like the Easter Bunny by choosing a very special fruit to share as a family.

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